Looking for an experienced and enthusiastic speaker for your event or training session? Invite me along!



I love nothing more that sharing my “thing” with people who are ready to learn, grow and evolve, so I offer a choice of seminars and mini workshops.

I’m always willing to discuss your needs and craft something appropriate for your audience.  And I don’t do all the work myself, I get people involved too – so your event is fun, practical and,  if need be, totally interactive.

Here are  just some of the talks and workshops I currently offer.






Who’d have thought running a Marathon could teach you so much?  In this inspirational  session  I share the  physical , mental and emotional journey I experienced as well as the  the highs , the lows and the sheer pain of  getting to the finish line. The lessons I learned from this experience, when applied to everyday life, will enable you to  transform your thinking about what you really believe you can achieve.




MINDSET MAKEOVER  – ARE YOU STANDING IN YOUR OWN WAY? –  Discover the top 10 reasons  why you’re not where  you want to be (yet) and what to do about it.


When you look at your life, your business or your career, you may well feel that you are miles away from your goals and dreams – so far in-fact, you wonder if you’ll ever get there. The gap can be especially frustrating when you feel like you’re working hard to move forward but you don’t know why you’re not making progress.

Unfortunately, just “working hard” doesn’t assure success. There are a lot of other elements and factors that determine how far you go and how close you’ll come to achieving the life you imagine.

Having spent several years coaching and working with clients, I recognize the key factors that play a  crucial part in holding you back from your dreams and goals. But here is the truth…if you can surmount them – or even a few of them! – your efforts will be so much more supercharged and move you past obstacles that formerly held you back.




MAKE IT HAPPEN –  10 Key Principles Of  Doing Your Thing And Getting S**t Done!


We all have  ideas, dreams, goals, challenges & opportunities but we don’t always act on them do we?

Whats’s stopping you?  Money? Time? Fear? Procrastination? Self belief? Other people? The  negative voices in your head?   A combination of all of these? or  maybe you don’t even know what stops you but the up shot is that you feel frustrated , stuck, unfulfilled and left wondering …What if?

By applying the 10 key principles  for doing your thing and getting s**t done ,  you can’t fail to make things happen.



REFRESH, REFOCUS AND  GIVE YOURSELF A KICKSTART  – The Loving Kick In The Pants You Need To Get Clear, Get Focused And Get Going!


Making changes in any aspect of  your life can be a daunting prospect. It’s so much easier to do nothing because sticking with the life you know is comfortable, even if you are not completely happy. Perhaps your circumstances have recently changed and you now find yourself in a transition phase that seems confusing, daunting and slightly overwhelming. You’re not exactly sure what it is you want or how to get it.

If you can find the courage, support and motivation to go ahead and make changes, the feeling of freedom and the sense of achievement is so exciting, you’ll feel like a fantastic new you. Suddenly you’re in charge of your own destiny, you’ll feel confident, happy, and so much more in control.

This fantastic new workshop  will set you on the right path. Its a way of approaching and thinking about your world that makes change possible and will help you create the future you really want.





Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning energised, focussed and ready to take your business to the next level?

What do you think would be possible if you TOTALLY believed in yourself and MASSIVELY increased your levels of  Focus, Clarity and confidence?

How incredible would it be to really understand what it is you want and more importantly HOW TO GET IT?


  • Want clarity about your goals and the confidence to take them to the next level
  • Have a GREAT IDEA but aren’t sure how to move it forward
  • Want to refresh your thinking, climb out of a rut and onto a path that excites you
  • Seek balance between personal, professional or family life and satisfying your own passions

Whatever your challenges, opportunities, goals or dreams for your business there are 7 STEPS  you can take to  help you regain and sustain your sanity, momentum and success.

They are SIMPLE, PRACTICAL and PRODUCTIVE and will set you on a clear, focused and actionable path to SUCCESS.



If you would like  to have a chat about what you are looking for or just further information please email me at claireportis@hotmail.co.uk