There are three types of people in this world

Those who make things happen

Those who watch what happens

Those who say “What happened?”


Personal coaching will help you to be the best you possibly can, unleash your true potential and help you achieve the success you want, with balance.


Hi I’m Claire  and my iWISH iCAN i WILL Coaching Programmes are all about helping you make the decisions that matter most. Whether you’re looking to achieve a specific professional or personal goal, a life change, better work life balance, fulfilment or new ways of being, iWISH, iCAN, iWILL, will give you the inspiration, motivation and support you need to work out what it is you want, and more importantly, how to get it.


Why Coaching?

The reasons for working with a Coach are different for every client. Sportsmen and business executives have used coaching for years to enhance their performance and succeed in achieving personal and professional goals, but the benefits of coaching aren’t just limited to the worlds of sport and top-level executives. The coaching process can also help you achieve a vast array of personal, professional and family goals, helping you bring your life in to balance.

I firmly believe iWISH iCAN iWILL will benefit you greatly if you want to:

  • Achieve more in your professional or personal life
  • Re-evaluate what’s important to you, prioritise, and put plans it into action
  • Change or progress your career and want to explore what next
  • Gain more focus and enhance your performance
  • Identify, clarify and execute clearer goals for your future
  • Build your self confidence, self belief & self esteem
  • Improve your communication and enhance relationships
  • Reduce stress in your professional/personal life
  • Find the confidence to return to work after a career break

One size does not fit all and there are now a range of iWISH, iCAN, iWILL services and programmes which can be tailored  to suit your own needs and circumstances. Call me and let’s talk. 

Mobile: 07545 131407

Email: claireportis@hotmail.co.uk