Being human is a gift to me,

We have so much to do and be.


To share our gifts beyond our door,

Is really what we’re put here for?


To see, to speak, to laugh to cry,

And ask the questions how and why?


To sing, to hear, to give, to share,

To think, create  and  learn and care.


To walk, to run, explore you might,

And find a way to change a life.


To learn and share all that you know,

Is just how we as humans grow.


To change and shift just how you think,

Can help your life to soar or sink.


To smile & laugh to tell a joke,

Will lift the day of other folk.


I know for some you’re safe & home,

Just staying in your comfort zone.


What are the gifts you have to give?

You’re born a human here to live.


There’s just so much of life to fill





Claire Portis
24th January 2013