I have to say, I love being part of a community, group, network or team.

Ever since I can remember I love being part of something bigger than me. As a child I was very sporty and always signed up for school teams and events. I danced, did drama and worked from age 15. I‘ve loved working on big teams in the corporate environment and thoroughly enjoyed planning and running events. I thrived on chairing the PTA when my children were at Primary school and I love girls weekends away. I also love the spontaneity and “community” of Facebook to get help, advice and suggestions on just about anything I ask for (Today I asked for help on choosing decking! Random! 20 replies!)


As my business has grown, I’ve always felt the need to be part of something else other than just my own day to day business.   Networking groups, training groups, accountability and collaboration groups, brainstorming and sharing groups. For me it’s about learning, growing and connecting and you can only do that if you reach out and GROW YOUR SUPPORT NETWORKS
I love the camaraderie, support and ideas that come from being part of something bigger and the energy and differing perspectives you both give and receive. It excites, motivates and nurtures my soul.



iStock_000006741261XSmall[1]Being part of something other than your own business is crucial for a number of reasons and the groups you become part of will depend very much on what you need for you, your own personal growth, development, satisfaction and happiness.


A couple of places I hangout, give and receive support  are ….





En-ACT  Real Masterminding for small business.

For business owners to grow their business through three key areas: Accountability, Collaboration and Training.


I joined Tamsen Garrie and the Leaders team at EnACT in January 2015. I watched Tamsen from afar for a while and always admired her work and her approach to business. When we finally connected it was like we’d know each other for years. When the opportunity to launch an enACT group was suggested I jumped at the chance. It felt right, the ethos was so clear made absolute sense and I loved the team Tamsen was pulling together.


If you haven’t heard of enACT it has been created to provide a platform for small business owners to work with other business owners to grow their business through three key areas: Accountability, Collaboration and Training.


Accountability is absolutely crucial to your success and the core offering of enAct. Every month members attend their Accountability Group with another 5 – 8 business owners to focus ‘on’ their business and specifically on the action that will make the most impact in moving the business forwards.


I love the fact it’s highly supportive and collaborative and we really focus on making sure everyone does what they say they’ll do. Every month you learn something new just by sharing and working on your current challenges and the differing experience and perspective in the room means you always walk away with  a new found focus and confidence.


To find out more about enACT click here 



WIBN (Women In Business Network)

A membership organisation for women who wish to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth. 


For the next 12 months I’ve taken over the leadership role of the WIBN Hampstead meeting whilst our leader Sam is on maternity leave. I’ve been a member now for 2 years and it’s a fantastic group of wonderful women all running their own businesses and an place to network, connect, grow and create opportunities.


The beauty of being part of this network for me is that it was the first step to growing my business by using a new and fresh network of contacts. It helped me push out from family friends and loyal supporters and help me build my community.

To find out more about Women In Business Network click here.



So my advice is this…


  • Believe in yourself, your ideas, goals, dreams, and your plans then commit to bringing them to life.


  • Everyone starts somewhere. If you are at the beginning, middle or end of any journey connect and link with new communities who will get you started or push you over the finish line.


  • Stop hiding behind your computer and get out and connect with real live human beings who will add fuel to your fire and nurture your plans alongside you


  • Share your gift, ideas, passion and experience so that others can really benefit from what you know and vice versa.


  • Ask for help and be willing to give it in return


  • Do something differently, think about what you really need right now, find the right support and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. The safety net will appear.


If any of this has struck a chord and you’d like to find out more about the communities I am part of then please follow the links.

If you are ready to clarify what it is you need right now then please get in touch Claire@iwishicaniwill.com

Have a great week and let’s stay in touch.

Go Make It Happen!


Claire x