everything-happens-for-a-reason-150x150No one wants to waste their life away. We all want something from life that makes us completely content and on purpose. But for many, we’re just not sure what that is. Often it takes a life changing event  to create that turning point. Suddenly nothing else matters, your priorities change.

Why is it we often can’t see things before something DRAMATIC rocks our world?

In this moving talk from Ric Elias, who survived the Hudson River plane Crash in 2009, he explains the 3 things he learned as his US Airways flight ditched in the Hudson River.

Ask yourself these questions…

How would it be if you could see into the future, then come back and live life differently?

What would you change?

What would you get done that you’re waiting to get done because you think you are going to be here forever?

How would you change your relationships and the negative energy in your life?

Are you being the best person you want to be?

Are you living the life you want to live? 


Claire x