Do you feel overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ in your head?

Do you crave clarity, energy and focus but instead feel stressed, time poor and frustrated?

Are your needs being neglected and always pushed to the bottom of the priority list?

Is time passing you by and you’re just not making any progress on the things you really long for?


Maybe you’d like to…

  • Start a business
  • Simplify, organize and enhance family life
  • Rediscover the best of yourself and reignite your passions
  • Create and enhance the home you love to share
  • Settle in to new surroundings so that you feel like you belong
  • Enjoy better relationships or find new love
  • Finally get your financial life sorted
  • Accelerate your career or business goals
  • Get your body in shape by focusing on your health and fitness
  • Create more balance, happiness and contentment
  • Reignite your spark with the stuff you’d forgotten was fun


No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same…


#1: Get clear.  Be as specific as 
possible about what it is you want to change or achieve. Decide EXACTLY what you want. The more clear you are on what 
you want, the
 more likely you are to achieve it. Don’t worry about the how for now, we’ll get to that. Just BE CLEAR.                            


#2: Get perspective. Most people
 don’t tell anyone what they  really want
 or what they are struggling with,
 and because of that they don’t
 get an outside perspective.
 Does fear and uncertainty stop you from making the changes you want? Its important you get another view point.


#3: Get support. Very few
people (if any) achieve anything 
great alone. Be willing to ask the people in
 your life to support you and if they can’t, look outside for those that can. People are more willing to say yes to a request for help than they are to say no.


#4: Take Action.  Don’t stop and wait for things to happen to you . Get into the habit of putting things in to action. Its important that you take the first step, no matter how small, and move closer to your goal. By becoming a doer you’ll get more done, feel successful  and become more energized and confident in your achievements.


Complimentary “Rapid Change” 
Coaching Session


Do you have something SPECIAL,
 something IMPORTANT to 
change or achieve? If you want to speed up
 your success rate, then I’d like 
to help you do it with a special

 “Rapid Change”

Coaching Session

together we will:


  • Create a crystal clear vision
 for ‘ultimate success’ so you 
know exactly what you want,
 where you’re headed, and what
 you need to do to make it
  • Uncover hidden challenges 
that may be sabotaging your 
ability to make changes that
 last or that are slowing down 
your progress
  • Ensure that you are 
 re-energized, renewed and inspired to 
finally achieve the change
 you seek, once and for all


If you’d like to take advantage 
of this very special, very limited,
 and totally FREE 30 minute 
“Rapid Change” coaching
copy  the questions below and paste them in to an email direct to me


1. What do you most want to
 change or achieve?

2. Have you tried to change 
this before?

3. What have you attempted 
in the past that didn’t work?

4. Why do you think it didn’t

5. On a scale of 0-10, how 
important is it for you to 
achieve this change?

6. What other areas of your 
life do you want to change
 (if any)?

7. Full Name

8. Email Address

9. Phone #

10. Time Zone


Check off the areas you’d most 
like to work on…


__ Business, Career, Work

__ Health and Wellbeing

__ Relationships

__ Family / Parenting Challenges

__ Personal development


__ Financial freedom

__Other.    …………………………………………


I’m making this offer 
for the first time right now and 
don’t really know how intense the 
response is likely to be .  I can’t 
guarantee a coaching session 
for everyone. I’ll help as many people 
as I can and then start a 
waiting list. You can expect to be contacted to 
schedule your session within the next  5 business days.

Again, to take advantage
 of this offer, answer the questions 
listed above and send your answers to

Warmest Regards,


PS: The sooner you send your 
answers, the more likely you are to 
get a session.Take action now!



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