During the lull of the summer months and after a brief intro to Claire Portis at the West Hampstead WIBN meeting I attended as a guest, I committed after consideration her ‘Kickstarter’ business coaching programmes.

We had our first explorative session in the glorious outside tables of the cafe at Kenwood House. From the start, Claire’s questioning was insightful, incisive and into the nub of everything I am doing with my startup and I felt immediately both relaxed that she had taken the trouble to “get it”(knew exactly my target audience), plus clearly very experienced and confident. This was infectious and things just flowed through the 3 hours and several cups of coffee.

Since then, I have, with her help and guidance implemented 95% of what was recommended to give my business the direction and oxygen it needed. Additionally and probably most importantly, she gave me the tools to deal with the general overwhelm I was feeling and much needed clarity around goals and strategy.

Apart from liking her immensely as a wonderful, warm and life-full woman, I couldn’t recommend her skills highly enough. It was such an investment – not just in my business but in myself as a business woman. She continued to monitor my progress with weekly calls and keeps tabs on my every move through FB, referrals and supports my social media activities. She has become one of my trusted team of business advisors who I feel supported and enabled by. I’m still attempting that last 5% :)…. but I always like to keep the best til last! You will not regret for one second an investment in Claire’s expertise. Thanks Claire!X

Skye Holland,
The Boudoir Portraits

I fatefully met Claire when I was at a time in my career when I felt less than inspired and at a point where I was confused as to what my next path should be. I knew something needed to change but wasn’t sure how to make it happen or whether I was making the right choice. Claire’s very genuine, caring yet logical approach to my situation helped me to clearly navigate what would work for me and where my career could advance to without leaving me feeling pressured or further confused. I think I’ve recommended her to just about anyone I meet, confident that she can help others in a similar predicament to mine with positive out comes….
Not only has Claire been a coach but I feel I’ve gained a friend along the way – huge thanks to her!!!

Lizzie Dawson – Fashion Designer

“Claire Portis is quite simply an amazing coach. Having been a coach for 10 years, having mentored many other coaches, I know what separates the wheat from the chaff. Coaching is about taking your clients from A to B, but more quickly than they would get there alone.  Claire will rock you from A to B.  If you want to make a change in your life and you want to do so with a big fat smile on your face, then Claire Portis is the Coach for you.  She combines energy, compassion, structure, problem solving, visioning and action in one mega-talented package.  I simply cannot recommend this woman highly enough.”

Amander Alexander – Coaching Mums

“My experience of working with Claire has been really great.  I cannot speak highly enough of her. Initially we spent time together looking at my business, who I want to specifically help, and how I could reach them. She really listened and I felt she totally understood me, and my business. We then worked together on a strategy plan. I now have much more clarity into how to move my business forward.  Claire held my hand every step of the way, supporting and motivating me. Not only that it has been fun! I have loved every part of the journey.I now feel I am on a much better path to be able to reach those people I know I can help. Thank you Claire,  You are AWESOME !”    

Wendy Capewell – Copewell  Therapies


“Sometimes the best person to see your life clearly, both business and personal, is someone other than you. Consultancy is a hectic choice of profession and I was busy working on too many projects that weren’t satisfying or playing to my strengths. I also had to balance income, time, a military husband and living in two different parts of the country. Claire used a series of practical tools along with her analytical brain to help map out all the options. She also gave me reassurance and the confidence to take the next leap of faith. Having been sceptical on life coaches, I’m now a firm fan! Within 3 months I’m working on projects I love, balancing life more effectively, looking after myself better and feeling really happy about now and the future. Thanks CP, you’re a legend!”

Becky Walsh  – Marketing  Consultant


“Claire has a great energy about her. She is attentive and cares about you doing well in your business. She will be honest with you but never negative unless its something constructive and something that you really need to change. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her because of the energy and enthusiasm you feel after working with her. I felt buzzing with ideas and most of all hopeful that I could really make my business work .

Claire really cares about her clients. I have worked with other coaches but I love how energetic she is and this motivates me and makes me feel energised. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Claire is a breath of fresh air, she cares, listens and wants the best for you and your business. She also takes time to establish a relationship with you that will help the coach/client collaboration go that bit further. If you want someone to help you plan your business, be more organised and have a great marketing plan you must talk to Claire.”

Soma  Ghosh  – SG Careers


“I have just had the best week ever. Since putting a full plan together and gaining direction I feel absolutely amazing. I have achieved so much this week. It’s all thanks to  Claire, you truly are an inspiration  you have provided the tools and guidance that have helped me find myself” 

Joanne Waddington


“When I first worked with Claire I was blown away by her passion and energy. She was incredibly quick at grasping all the strands of my business and suggested 3 useful ideas so it was a no brainier to jump on to her program.

I was really lucky to meet Claire just as I was thinking about setting up a membership group. She helped me get an overview of my project and helped me break it down into doable tasks. She then gave me practical tools and support to get up and running. I have walked out of each session,  feeling lighter, calmer and back on track.

Claire is energetic, clever and very patient. If you need a non judgmental helping hand in sorting something out on your business or life work – contact Claire Portis”

Felix Macintosh – Tigersonic


“I met Claire when I was at a complete crossroads in my life. She helped me find & define my priorities, identify options and put me on a path to success. Claire’s pragmatic and optimistic approach was just what I needed! She has truly changed my life and I will forever be indebted.”

Delanie Sinton – Founding UK  Stylist Stella & Dot



“Claire was instrumental in my career changing descision to leave a successful career in media and retrain as a primary school teacher. Her coaching techniques enabled me to think and work through the challenging descisions which had to be made. In addition to this, her contributions definately played a significant role in my achieving a place on the massively over- subscribed PGCE course. This was followed up by her support and help a year later; working with me to secure my first teaching job within an extremely competitive job market.” 

Judith Daniels – Primary School Teacher


“I went to see Claire after she was recommended to me by a friend. There were a number of family issues which were making it difficult for me to focus on my business and my career.

After a long discussion, Claire introduced a couple of tools and techniques which enabled me to step back and take stock of where I was in my life. Our session enabled me to think more clearly and plan a highly effective course of action with clearly defined next steps.

When I first started with Claire, I was feeling confused, unclear and generally unhappy. After one session I felt more confident + positive about what to do next.

Claire was amazingly easy to open up to and her approach was professional, understanding, supportive and practical.”

Timothy. J Finnegan


“I went along to Claire’s iWISH, iCAN,iWILL program with a very open mind. Our business was at a crossroads and I really needed some new strategies to help move forward.

The course exceeded my expectations by a huge margin! Firstly Claire created a very ‘safe space’ for everyone to share their concerns and offer each other support.  Then we worked through a number of very practical exercises designed to help focus on our strengths and boost self esteem, which they certainly did.

I came away with a handbook of very practical tools that I can use – from planning my time more effectively to picking myself up when things feel too hard.

Claire was enormously inspiring and motivating and her vast experience in the commercial world, combined with her warm personality, made for a fantastic day with truly lasting benefits.Five stars!”

Maria Brosnan – Day Two Productions


“I decided to have coaching because I was fed up with my career and also depressed about separating from my wife and children.  I needed motivation and practical help to begin to remove the mental barriers to allow change.  Claire’s approach, starting with the whole life picture and then focusing on the details as appropriate is entirely practical.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and uplifting. I like the fact that when I see her I don’t know what we will talk about, but I know it will help! “

John Daylis

“Claire has a truly infectious quality that inspires people to want to try harder combined with an eye for commerciality that ensures all their endeavours to do so result in a productive outcome for those she works with. It is this ability to engage, to create a renewed sense of purpose and momentum amongst key players that ultimately makes her such a valuable asset to any company or individual she works with. We are a results driven company specialising in the field of transformational leadership. Claire consistently delivers exceptional results on every challenging assignment we give her. I can give her no higher accolade than that!!” 

Dale Ibbotson 3D Performance

“Claire Portis was born to help and develop skills in others, that you either did not know you had, or wish you had. She is a team leader on all levels, with all different kinds of people. I have worked with Claire before, and it has been in different arenas, in the workplace, and a social /non profit way. Claire also practices what she teaches ( not preaches)! I highly recommend Claire whether you know what you need, or searching. 
There is nothing that Claire can do, and with her help, there is nothing you eon’t be able to do too!”

Stacey Tappis- Offer – Director Queenscote Design & Plan


“Claire’s enthusiasm and energy know no bounds. She is a terrific people person and motivates teams to success through a strong but empathetic leadership style. She is focussed and organised in business and her coaching skills ensure that individuals both aim for and achieve their personal goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire.” 

Alison Deas – IPC Media



I’m a mature student in the second year of my degree and everything was getting on top of me. I’d fallen behind with deadlines looming, couldn’t see how to catch up and was starting to panic, which was affecting my overall happiness and also my health. When I went to Claire I was very sceptical about seeing a life coach. I’d seen various therapists and university support staff already but nothing had really helped.

Claire’s calm positive practical nature and her warmth patience and empathy when we met really helped me discuss my problems. For the first time I felt someone was really listening. Claire helped me identify the causes and devised a simple effective solution, restoring my confidence.

I’m now back on track and for the first time feel the end of my degree is really in sight and know I’m going to achieve my goal. I’ll always be grateful to Claire and couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Rob Whitson  ~ Mature Student