Whenever I have a big project, unless I break it down into baby steps and plan what needs to be done, by when and by whom, it never gets done. 6 months down the line I can find myself saying …. “Wasn’t I supposed to do x?”


  • Do you have life projects that just aren’t moving forward?
  • Are they just WAY TOOOOO BIG and completely overwhelming?
  • Maybe confusion, chaos and the infamous time bandit make it impossible to  see things clearly and get everything done?


Sound familiar?…well rest assured, you’re not alone!


Yesterday I met with my friend Liz who was completely overwhelmed with all life is throwing at her right now. Work, family, relationship, keeping fit, kids and no social life!  She has a new job on the cards, a possible house move and her husband works away at least 3 days a week.  Stressed? You bet she was!


When I asked her what I could help her with, she just didn’t know. Liz had this big long list in her head that was going round and round like a washing machine and it wasn’t getting her anywhere. It only made her feel more de-motivated, lethargic and fed up.


Liz knows that she needs more clarity about what’s most important, as well as clearer focus. She wants to be better organised so that she can get more done in the time she has, and she wants a plan that will move her forward.


The problem is that the whole thing seems just too much, too big and too overwhelming. Where should she start?


I know I’ve had times when I felt like that.  I just didn’t know where to start so ended up doing nothing or jumping between tasks with no clear focus or sense of priority.


If this does sound familiar  then help is at hand!


In the first instance use this template below to break down your current project.



have you checked out  



This is exactly one of the things I’ll be teaching you to deal with in much more depth and detail.

You will learn 7 simple, fast and effective strategies that will help you take control and create a life plan that works for you. You will feel so much more in control, confident, energised and motivated just by knowing where you are heading, how you’re going to get there and how you’re going to fit it all in.

I will help you get an overall view of your current situation, decide on your priorities, define your goals and provide the practical help, guidance and encouragement you need to create and implement a plan of action.

Together we will banish the overwhelm, frustration and lethargy that comes with having too much to do and no plan! We are going to take baby steps 1 at a time.


And yes… small steps DO = BIG RESULTS.  ITS TRUE!


Check it out here: 7 STEPS TO IGNITE YOUR LIFE!


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