Sometimes its all too easy to become upset and confused about a life challenge or situation, not knowing which way to turn or what further action to take.  No advice seems like the right advice, and this can leave you feeling frustrated, stuck and helpless. You can’t seem to think your way out of it because the logical route seems too difficult, and all other options just seem silly, daft or down right ridiculous.


Well maybe it’s time to step back and give yourself some advice. Now is



This exercise will help you gain an insight into where you are

‘at’ emotionally with your current situation and begin to help you move

on from anything significant that is currently blocking your progress.




•    Set aside some quiet time to write a letter that no one will read, but will help you to reveal your hearts messages and wisdom.


•  Write at the top of the page the question you want an answer to, such as “How do really I feel about Sam?” or “How do I feel about my job”


•  Write down all the things you wish you could say, what you wished you could’ve said, etc. basically getting it all out of your head.


•  Include all the memories – positive and negative – you can remember.


•  Try not to analyze what you are writing – just let it flow from your heart. Write without judgment – just put down whatever comes to your mind


•  When you have finished, leave it for a few hours before reading it, or better still sleep on it.


•  As you read over what you have written, highlight or underline anything that strikes you as interesting, unusual or significant.


•  These are the messages and the wisdom your heart is bringing through to you. Think about what these messages are, and what wisdom your heart is revealing to you.


•  When the time is right, ask yourself what you would like to do with the letter? Put it in a keep safe box, place in a bottle and let it go out to sea, burn it, bury it or even send it.