In today’s Make It Happen Interview Hazel shares her journey, the challenges of uprooting her family and shifting them to the other side of the world and how she went on to set up her business, Small Business Trainer. Hazel really does know a thing or two about MAKE IT HAPPEN!


This is Hazel’s story…

“I am married, a mum of 2 boys and a business owner for over 8 years.  With over 25 years in admin, office management and marketing across a wide range of industries, when my oldest son started school I wanted and needed time off during the school holidays.  This did not fit in with my current work at the time so I decided to look at what sort of business I could create and my Virtual Assistance business was born.

At this time I was in Sydney, Australia and Virtual Assistance was still relatively new to the business world but I thought I would give it a try given my background.  My first two clients were American and they knew the concept and loved it.

But over a period of time I grew my business mainly working with other small business owners on their admin and marketing. This also led to my radio program ‘Small Business Show’ which I hosted for just over a year.  In 2013 my family and I moved to London and once my family were all settled, I began the process of networking all over again in a new place…

About 8 months ago a light bulb came in my business – business owners started asking me to explain how to do something in their business, rather than me doing it for them and then my training business started….


You can find Hazel here