junk-into-cash-150x150Does your “stuff” leave you feeling overwhelmed?

I know it does me. I watched this TED lecture by Graham Hill and found myself shamefully nodding, whole heartedly agreeing and life editing as I watched.

I know I have too much stuff! Too many shoes, too many cosmetics, too much junk in our cellar. Yes we  too are guilty of spending silly money, storing stuff we thought we’d one day need and thought we liked, only to discover, after 2 years, that we did not need it nor did we like it!

It stresses me out when I do the winter to summer wardrobe switch, I hate kitchen draws bulging full of nick naks that have been collected and forgotten. We’ve got too many towels, sheets that don’t fit beds, a few chipped mugs and bits of equipment that have lost parts, cables and the will to function.

Don’t get me wrong … I like “stuff” and I’m not a compulsive hoarder swamped by my “stuff”. I can get to and from my  front door with ease, but its that low level accumulation of things that have come in the front door and not yet found the back that bothers me!

Why is it so easy to accumulate STUFF?

I’ve got better,  and I am trying to rid myself of the “stuff” I no longer need, because a clear room, draw or cupboard does make me feel MUCH calmer and in control. Ahhhhhhh!

Check out Graham Hill’s TED lecture and decide if your very own “life edit” could make you happier.