WOW! What a weekend it was! Whether you indulged in Royal Wedding mania or not, I feel  that at last, I have some peace and quiet after what has been an amazing, enjoyable and  mega long break. I did attempt some work last week  between Easter and “The Wedding” but it really didn’t happen.

Back to it this morning…kids bundled off to school with Dad,  laundry on the line( well its a good drying day), hot mug of  tea in hand  and .. OMG the bliss of no noise. Such frenetic activity in the last few days (we had a party then spent 2 days clearing up !) and now, all is calm. At last I can focus on the job in hand, which is to kick start my business activities after the 3 week lull.

But you know what my biggest discovery  has been in the last 3 weeks ?….. Turing the sound off on my SMART phone!

Now this might sound obvious to some of you, but its not  something I’ve really done before (apart from when I go to bed!).  I know it drives people mad when they can’t get hold of you, especially the ” I’ve called you 3 times”  partner, friend or offspring. But the sense of control it gives you over your time is immense. Also don’t you just hate it when a bing, beep, zip or dingdong becomes more important than you !

So here you have it ……

10  GOOD REASONS to turn off the “not so SMART phone”……..

  1. It stops you jumping up and reacting to every bing, beep, zip and ding dong.
  2. It enables you to be more efficient and focused in responding to messages when you decide to attend to them.
  3. Your day, evening or weekend is not  ruined should  a snotty message drop into your inbox. (The Friday 5.25pm is the real killer!)
  4. It enables you to focus on important activities without interruption, therefore giving you a better chance of getting them finished.
  5. It frees up your head space to think more clearly.
  6. You don’t get sucked in to endless web surfing at a time in your day that’s not  really suitable.
  7. You can avoid unnecessary or unwanted chats, texts and tweets.
  8. When you do get round to reading and responding, the quality of your time + attention is far greater.
  9. You don’t hate yourself for not completing the tasks you set yourself  at the beginning of the day.
  10. You are in control of your day rather than your smart phone.

Now who’s the SMART one!… HA!