How many times have you been asked  for help and said no? Probably not many. For most,  its human nature to want to offer support and help where its needed  and  flattering to be asked.

One  of the most important things I’ve learned in my quest for better work life balance is to surround myself with  people who will support me on my journey and to ask for help when I need it.  Whether thats  family, friends,  work colleagues, mentors, professional services or even my kids, I share with those that matter, what it is I’m trying to achieve, why I’m trying to achieve it and ask for their help.

I don’t need a cast of thousands, but everyone adds value to my work life balance scales and whether they realise it or not, they all add a touch of something special. Sometimes this happens quite by accident, other times I actively seek out  the people I need.

The best leaders in the world surround themselves with teams who contribute to the overall goal through skill, knowledge, passion and experience so why shouldn’t we learn from them and do the same. Its so much empowering to have  support, encouragement, back-up and good-will  around you,  it  brings with it confidence, contentment and security which allows you to be more focused yet balanced.

So whatever your work life balance goals, find a buddy to support you on that part of your journey, share with them what it is you want to achieve and ask for help.  Take 5 mins and have a go at the following exercise:


  1. Take a blank sheet of  paper  and  make  a list of some of your key work and  life goals.
  2. Which of those goals require some  support and help in order to achieve them?
  3. Against each goal, identify 2 people you could approach to support you in achieveing that goal.
  4. What is it that you admire or recognise in that person which makes them a good candidate to help you on your journey?
  5. How exactly do you want them to help?
  6. Set a date by which you will commit to asking for their support.

Good luck  and go Buddy Up!

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