Burned out? stressed out? fed up? in a rut?              

Are you desperate for a better work life balance?

I’m going to share with you some of the secrets I’ve discovered in my quest for more time, renewed energy, happier children, better relationships, new career and above all a happier me!


You are Unique.

First of all, let’s accept, that everyone is different.  Your interpretation of work life balance, may be completely different from that of your family friends and colleagues. iWISH, iCAN, iWIll is about finding the right balance for you.

We all grow up and live our lives surrounded by a multitude of different influences. The paths you have taken through fate or choice, at any point in your life, have ultimately brought you to where you are now. If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about making some changes. So congratulations you’re certainly in the right place.

For  the sake of getting creative, let’s think of your life as a recipe.  Together we can add the best ingredients, adjust the quantities, sprinkle on some sugar and spice and make it a feast to be proud of.

What’s great about your life now and what needs to change?

You may not know the answer to this question and you’ve probably never really given yourself the time and space to sit back and think about it in any real detail.

So before we move on, let’s not chuck the baby out with the bathwater. Let’s take a look at where your life is now, because quite often, it can be the smallest changes that make the biggest difference and there really is no need for a massive life overhaul.

Let me take you through a short exercise,which will help you take a snapshot of your life right now. You can then prioritise what’s important and you’ll start to get an idea of the direction you’d like to take, in order to attain better work life balance.

Exercise 1

  1. In the table below, I’d like you to list the key areas of your life in column 1 e.g. family, work/career, health and well being, me time, finances, friends, relationship etc. There may be more and there is no right or wrong list.
  2. In column 2, score on a scale of 0 – 10 how satisfied you are with each area of your life. ( 0 = dissatisfied 10 = extremely happy)
  3. In column 3, score on a scale of 0 -10 where you would actually, like each area of your life to be.
  4. Identify the areas of your life you are most happy with.
  5. From the list, choose 3 areas of your life you would certainly like to improve upon.
  6. In column 4 write down the things you know you would need to change in order for you to improve each of those areas.
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Life Area Where I am now 0-10 Where I’d like to be 0-10 What needs to happen to improve the score?

So what is it that you want?

You may not be able to answer this question straight away, but by running through the exercise above, it will certainly bring some clarity as to where you are now, help you identify the areas of your life that are going well and highlight the areas that need some attention.

Spend some time to reflect on the people and events that have shaped your current world. By understanding and being honest with yourself about your current reality, you will be in a better position to work out where you want to go next, what you want to take with you, what you want to leave behind.

A little bit of what you fancy does you good?

Goodness me, where did that come from? My grandma used to say that to me!!!

Eating out, nice holidays, driving a fabulous car, vegging out in front of Corrie, shopping, dancing like you just don’t care, watching the footy, seeing friends, watching a sloppy movie, hikes in the hills? Whatever it is you love to do, make list of everything that makes you happy, contented and relaxed. All the things you love to do that  you’d like to fit in to your life in the next 12 months ( You’re just not fitting  them in right now.)

Make a commitment to yourself, here and now, to introduce a little bit of what you fancy into your weekly routine. (Grandmas watching!)

What’s your passion?

Doing the things you love and induldging  your passions, will bring about a wonderful sense of wellbeing, contentment and satisfaction. For me, my passion for people and helping them be who they want to be, unleashing their talents, and moving them towards a happier space, forced me to launch iWISH, iCAN, iWILL. It  was simply fighting to get out of me.

Have you a long held passion that’s fighting to get out of you?

What one step can you take towards making this a bigger part of your life?

START            STOP            CONTINUE

We all develop habits and ways of being, some are really useful and some just aren’t. Take a minute to think about all the roles you have at home, at work, at play. Think about the people you look after, your relatives, friends, colleagues and clients.

There are probably certain things you find yourself doing and ask yourself the question: Why am I doing that?

So here’s the challenge

1:List one or two things  you are currently doing that are not working. (I should  STOP doing them)

2: One or two things it would be beneficial for you to START doing

3: One or two things you are currently doing that you should CONTINUE


Let me know what  you found useful  today and if you get a minute, please email me at claire@iwishicaniwill.com and let me know the answer to this question:

What are the the biggest challenges you face in your life right now?

Thanks so much for joining me at iWISH, iCAN, iWILL and I look forward to your feedback.