How To Stay Focused And Get Things Done

Simple Tips and Tools To Get On Track And Stay on Track



In order to achieve any goal in life, from the smallest to the largest, it is essential that you have strategies, behaviours and habits which help and support you to stay focused and keep your energy and motivation levels high. It’s so easy to veer off track when you face a challenge or come up against a new roadblock. Often the simplest of tasks can seem like a chore when your motivation to complete it is just not there and you’ll find a million and one reasons to focus on other things instead of doing the one thing that needs doing most. (Sound familiar?)

On a more positive note, there may be periods when you are performing at your absolute best and making huge strides forward to achieve your goals. You feel upbeat, positive, full of passion, energy and raring to go. Do you recognise the difference in you?

Here are the iWISH, iCAN, IWILL TIPS, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES for finding and maintaining your focus and getting things done. Collected from my community of clients and friends who use a combination of these techniques to stay focused and reach their goals.

If you are struggling to get to the end of a project, achieve your goal or don’t know what works best for you, select a couple of tools or techniques that you think are worth testing and commit to trying them out for at least a week until you find the combo that works for you. Good Luck! I know you can…



If you apply just a couple of the suggestions or use just one of the tools, it will make all the difference in what you can get done.


Be Focused, Have Fun & Get Things Done!


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