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Hi and thank you for stopping by.



If  you’ve landed on this page then you have probably reached a stage in life when you realise something needs to change? Maybe it’s your life in general or perhaps it’s your business that needs some attention.



Perhaps your kids are that bit older and you now need to find a new focus for you or maybe  you are feeling stuck, frustrated or lacking in direction and need to get clear on what your future look likes?


You want to feel like you have a purpose,  to feel valued and make more of  a contribution to the world in some way shape or form, but don’t know what that looks like.


Perhaps your business is entering a new phase  and you need to  gain clarity around how to make it even more successful or  maybe you have a great idea you would like to put into action but endlessly procrastinate because you are not sure how to MAKE IT HAPPEN.


Unfortunately, we don’t all possess a crystal ball!  Quite often, the path you need to take to move forward  is confusing and unclear. You may not be sure of your next steps and not  really sure what sort of help and support you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN( Whatever your IT!).


I’m Claire, and I’m a MAKE IT HAPPEN coach. I help women & men stuck at a crossroads in life, work or  business to gain absolute clarity around their future and devise a plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN. I know you have amazing ideas, dreams, goals, challenges and opportunities and  I can help you get those thoughts and ideas out of your head and into action so that you feel like you are moving forward, fulfilled,  content and excited by life again.   


Before embarking on any journey, it’s important  to  gain absolute clarity about your what next and surround yourself  with the right support and resources to get  to where you want be .


If  you decide that coaching is something you’d like to explore,  the next step is to find someone you trust, connect with and like. Let’s face it, if you’re going to spend time and effort investing in you, you might as well do it with someone who sparks the right chemistry. This means you’ll get results far quicker, with more fun, less cost, and more impact.


Before you embark on your journey I’d like to invite you to a Complimentary Discovery Call. This is a 30-minute consultation that will help you work out your next steps. 


During our DISCOVERY CALL you will: 

  1. Gain clarity around your current challenges and opportunities
  2. Define success and fulfilment on your terms so that you know where you are heading and what you need to focus on.
  3. Identify outcomes you would like to achieve
  4. Map out the first few steps you need to take
  5. Gain a renewed sense of energy, motivation and momentum
  6. Decide on next steps if we feel the chemistry is right.


I conduct the Discovery call by telephone or Skype and it gives you the opportunity to discover more. During our session you will also:

  • Get a  much clearer understanding of what to expect from coaching, the challenges and opportunities I can help you with and a sense of  whether the chemistry between us is right for further sessions.
  • Gain clarity  around your priorities and your  expectations from coaching
  • Have the opportunity to ask the important questions that will help you make an informed decision about  whether this is the route you need and want to take
  • Discover how coaching can work for you in realising your ideas, goals and dreams
  • Discuss appropriate programmes, prices and schedule


Post Discovery Session, you can mull things over and decide whether you want to proceed. It’s totally up to you.  But if we do work together you can rest assured  it will be 100% Confidential and 100% focused  on helping you achieve the outcomes you want.


To book your complimentary DISCOVERY CALL please email me today: email me here  or call / message me on:07545131407



You’ve got this far … time to make that call and discover how you can MAKE IT HAPPEN


Claire x