We all feel a little off balance at times. Maybe you’re having difficulty sleeping or you’re stressed and overwhelmed with work. Perhaps you’re getting emotionally sensitive and finding there is drama in some or all of your relationships.

Often during times of stress your life is overly focused in one or more areas. Dividing your attention between different activities and finding routine can help to restore your balance.

When you are feeling overwhelmed or out of sync, here are a  few ideas  that may well help you to restore a feeling of balance:


1. Techy Time Limit – Limit the amount of time you are spending online. I know I have a few friends who are overly involved in the techy space( you know who you are) Emails, Forums, Instant Messaging, Gaming, Facebook, Twitter etc they are all a MASSIVE TIME SUCK. Before you know it you’ve been drawn into other peoples worlds and you’re left wondering where on earth the last 2 hour went. Am I right or am I right? I do it too !!!!


2.  Me Time – Make a conscious effort to DO SOMETHING FOR YOU EVERY DAY. Buy yourself a treat, go to a coffee shop and read the paper, visit a library or a museum,  go for a walk, sneak in a Yoga class, meet a friend for coffee, paint your nails if you can!. Just do something for you that breaks the overwhelm and don’t feel guilty. 


3. ZZZZZZZ Sleep!  – Keep regular sleeping hours. If you are having difficulty sleeping, at least assign certain hours for sleeping, resting, reading, or quiet television (if that makes you drowsy). Also, give yourself permission for a power nap!  15 mins of shut eye can have almost miraculous restorative power.


4. Power Down –Save the last hour of your day for quiet  relaxation time. No phone, no computer, no work. It calms the mind and the body.


5. Step Away from Negativity. Try and steer clear from the people who are pulling you off balance with their own drama or negativity. We all know at least one but and its just too easy to get dragged into someone else’s disaster movie and this can have a negative impact on your own well being.


6. Occupy your thoughts with positive ideas and activities.  Having something to look forward to is a great boost. Plan to do something you love and haven’t done for ages, hook up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Focus more time on the things that are good in your life rather than the things that aren’t so great.


7. Pick ‘n’ Mix Your Friends – Its good to have an assortment of “healthy” friends in different niches of life. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” or all your social time into one friend or one group of friends. This way, when there are problems,  you’ll be able to have some  perspective,   enjoyable time  and emotional support from your other social groups.


8. Balance the time in your day between different activities and efforts,  whether you’re at home or at work. Too much of one type of activity can make you feel more stressed or dissatisfied. Pace yourself with deadlines so that you don’t have to do marathon sessions to catch up.


9. LIGHTEN UP! Don’t take things too seriously… practice laughing, and ESPECIALLY laughing at yourself!


10. Be mindful of what you are thinking, when you’re feeling off balance. Don’t ignore the nagging thought that keeps you awake at night. Acknowledge it, assess it, i.e.  is it really that important? then either deal with it, ditch it, or delegate it and move on.