Are you ready for a new challenge?

Now that we’re in the second term of a new school year and 2012 edging closer, I know that many of you may well be considering your options in terms of returning to work or thinking about a career change that fits your lifestyle.

Many of the wonderful women I meet, who are in this position, have often forgotten what they enjoy, what they are good at and can’t see how the skills they use in the everyday management of a family and a home could possibly be of any use going forward. Sometimes your self-esteem and self-confidence takes a bashing because you don’t know what to offer in the world of work.

Well listen up ladies (and gents!) just in case you’d forgotten what you’re good at here are 22 strengths, skills and qualities a woman returning to the workplace brings whether you know it or not.

Under each of the following write one example of how you have demonstrated this skill, strength or quality.

  1. Multi-tasking
  2. Problem Solver
  3. Handling Emergencies
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Event Organization
  6. Time Manager
  7. Initiative
  8. Self Directed
  9. Organized
  10. Stock Control
  11. Creativity
  12. Innovative
  13. Budgeting
  14. Reliable
  15. Team Player
  16. Sense of  Responsibility
  17. Mediator
  18. Strong Interpersonal Skills
  19. Coach
  20. Mentor
  21. Teacher
  22. Leader

So there you have it.  It’s a starting point. I just wanted to demonstrate that you have a whole host of skills that are directly transferable. I’m sure you have many more. This is just a taste of the wonderful gifts you can bring to the workplace so don’t feel you have nothing to offer – instead celebrate your wonderful talents and abilities and share them with the world.