Tune in and Listen to yourself!

Did you know that most people do not control their thoughts, but they allow their thoughts to control them. If  you  find you’re speaking to yourself negatively on a regular basis you’re going to attract a whole host of other negative thoughts. These negative thoughts will make you experience negative feelings and these will more than likely lead to negative actions… and so the cycle continues


You probably don’t realize how often you say negative things in your head and how this impacts your everyday life, the choices you make.
The most powerful thing you can do for you today is to tune in to  your own thoughts



So go ahead … start paying attention to the way you talk to yourself internally. Don’t try and change anything, just be aware of what you are thinking.


Are your thoughts predominantly negative or positive?

Are there any patterns you recognise?

What creates a positive thought?

What creates a negative thought?


Interesting isn’t it?


So what ?


Well …Even if you are not aware of it,  that  running internal dialogue  has a massive impact on how you move through life, the success you have and the experiences encounter

Your self-talk has coloured your thinking for years because  patterns of negative or positive self-talk often start in childhood.


Lets face it the most time you spend with anyone in life is you and the person you listen to the most is you. Imagine tuning your personal stereo into “ thoroughly miserable FM” as opposed to  “upbeat and positive FM” The channel you chosse will most certainly shape your future and the direction you choose to take


Think about the happiest person you know – what do you imagine their self- talk is like?

Think about  the most miserable person you know  – what do you imagine their self-talk is like?

Think about the most successful person you know – what do you imagine their self talk is like?

Think about most unsuccessful person you know – what do you imagine their self-talk is like?

Any time can be a good time to change  how you talk to yourself so tune into something far more positive … start today.