Can I be honest? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this week! In a good way and in a kind of errrhh overwhelmed wanna cry way !! Do you have weeks like that?


Firstly, finalising my tax return has really got to me. Uuuuggh!

Despite all of my good intentions throughout the year, I just haven’t made it a priority and now I find myself scrabbling around looking for bits of paper I can’t find, filling out spread sheets (yuk!) and answering questions I don’t understand on the HMRC tax form!

“Get an accountant!!!” ….I hear you shout.  Well yes, that’s on the cards, but the last one I had was so expensive & patronising I withdrew my business and surely its not THAT difficult?

The Lesson: What would have made this easier, Claire?

Planning, then actually breaking it down into small chunks and actually scheduling time to get it done! (I must learn to test my own dog food on things I find boring!)


Secondly,  as I mentioned last week, I’ve been taking part in a 30 day video challenge, creating a video a day for the month of January with Michelle Holmes and the Super Fly Tribe.

As we are nearing the end of that journey, I feel quite emotional because I’ve been part of one of the most amazing and supportive groups I have ever come across. I’m so proud and amazed at how much I’ve learned and achieved in such a short space of time.


As a coach

I feel that I have to walk the talk and to put yourself ‘out there’ in such a public way has pushed me WAY outside my comfort zone. But the reason I am doing this is because I really want to spread the iWISH iCAN iWILL message, and help more people like you, your friends your colleagues and your family have their iWISH iCAN iWILL moment.


The Lesson: Its not easy to step beyond what you know and, and much easier to stay “SAFE’ in the space that’s oh so familiar and comfortable. But when you do summon the courage to go for something you really want and surround yourself with the support you need, well …that’s where the magic really happens.


How Can I support you?

If you’ve got a goal, a dream or idea that you want to focus on or you need some support because you’re just ready for a change or a new challenge why not schedule a complimentary discovery call via my online calendar at .


I would LOVE to help you realise your


Please can you help me?

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And Finally …
Here is a link to my favourite video so far, the plan is to create more short coaching videos to give you a weekly boost…. So watch this space and do tell me what you would find helpful. Enjoy!



Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great week.